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The Zakovat festival continues
Gulistan State University hosted two stages of the Zakovat Festival, the group stage and the quarterfinals. In total, about 100 teams participated. Of these teams, only the most knowledgeable and strong 25 teams qualified for the semifinals. We would like to thank all the team members who participated in our festival. We wish good luck to the teams that won a ticket to the semifinals in the next round.
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Rector and youth open dialogue meetings are underway
As previously reported, the rector of Gulistan State University M. Khodjiev's meetings with students in the format of open dialogue are organized by faculties and directions. A similar meeting was held on March 9 at the Faculty of Industrial Technology. The main suggestions were made by the students in their spare time, to test the theory in practice, to increase the duration of production practices. The issues raised by the students were resolved on the spot. Meetings of the rector and youth continue
2066 | 2022-03-10 11:51 | Batafsil
Meeting of the rector and students continues
On March 5 this year, the rector of the university M. Khodjiev began open meetings with students of faculties and areas. On 03/07/2022, these open dialogue meetings continued. In the first half of the day, open meetings were held with students of the Faculty of Arts, and in the afternoon with students of the Faculty of Philology.   During the meeting, the rector of the university listened in turn to the opinions and proposals of the students and gave instructions to the responsible persons. The main topic of the agenda was the improvement of the educational process, the further improvement of the conditions for studying students and ensuring their employment. The meeting of the rector and students continues.
1902 | 2022-03-08 10:07 | Batafsil
You are dearly and holy, woman!
On March 5, 2022, at the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University, "You are dearly and holy, woman!” under the motto "International Women's Day" on March 8. The rector of the university, Professor M.Khodjiev, opened the holiday with a congratulatory message. After a congratulatory speech by the chairman of the University Trade Union A. Yusufaliev, a group of active female professors and teachers were awarded with holiday gifts. In the artistic part of the holiday, students of the Faculty of Arts performed songs.
1886 | 2022-03-06 11:06 | Batafsil
Meetings of the rector and students have started
It has become a good tradition for Gulistan State University Rector MT Khodjiev to hold open meetings with university students every academic year in the faculties and areas. This year, in accordance with this tradition, the meetings of the rector of the university with students in the form of open dialogue began today, March 5, 2022. Today's meeting was held at Gulsiton State University with the students of the newly established Faculty of Medicine this year. The main issue was the implementation of the tasks given at the video conference held yesterday, March 4, 2022 by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the priorities of employment of students of higher educational institutions, as well as training. to improve the processes, to organize extracurricular spiritual work. Each …
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A seminar for students was held in collaboration with the Faculty of Information Technology and IT-Park
At the event, IT Park officials provided detailed information about the mGovAward competition among students and alumni. The competition is organized to create the best public service application and includes 8 areas: - education -           healthcare - tourism - transport and logistics - Entrepreneurship - ecology and ecologically clean energy - finance and taxes - justice. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of the following 4 criteria: - efficiency - convenience - innovation - level of implementation. The prize pool is $ 100,000.       1st place $ 50,000;       2nd place $ 30,000;       3rd place $ 20,000. Students who actively participated …
2379 | 2022-03-03 11:42 | Batafsil
About our self-confidence and what we deserve ...
On 25.02.2022, a seminar-training on "Self-confidence and what we deserve ..." was held under the leadership of B.Sultanova, Adviser to the Dean for Women's Affairs, Faculty of Information Technology, Gulistan State University. . The event was attended by Advisor to the Rector for Women's Affairs of Gulistan State University, Chairwoman of the Women's Council N.Sultanova, University Psychologist K.Khamrokulova, faculty and 82 students. N.Sultanova, Chairwoman of the Women's Council of the University, spoke at the event and expressed her views to inspire the girls and increase their confidence in life. Self-confidence often depends on the attitudes of people around us, often as a result of these people’s lack of self-confidence, their inability to realize their dreams in vain, or the…
1802 | 2022-03-02 15:29 | Batafsil
The essence of the Bankruptcy Law has been widely publicized
During the meeting, which was attended by Deputy Head of the State Tax Administration of Syrdarya region D.Sarkayev, employees of the State Tax Administration and the State Tax Inspectorate of Gulistan, Judge of the Gulistan Interdistrict Economic Court N.Abdullayev and Assistant Judge B.Bobojonova The content of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Bankruptcy" was widely explained. First, the chairman, Deputy Head of the State Tax Administration of Syrdarya region D. Sarkayev, introduced the participants of the meeting with the issues on the agenda. After that, the speaker gave the floor to the speaker of the Gulistan inter-district economic court Abdullayev Nurulla Abdulla oglu to elaborate on the issue on the agenda. Judge of Gulistan inter-district economic court N.Abdullayev beg…
1855 | 2022-02-28 15:48 | Batafsil
"Gender equality-period requirement"
An event on "Gender equality - the need of the hour" was held in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Technology of Gulistan State University and the regional Interior Ministry. The event was attended by Adviser to the Rector for Women's Affairs of Gulistan State University, Chairwoman of the Women's Council N.Sultanova, Adviser to the Dean for Women's Affairs N.Sherkulova, faculty members and female students. Lieutenant Colonel Abduhamidova Saida Abdurahmonovna, Deputy Head of the Legal Prevention Department, Lieutenant Colonel Mirzabekova Gulnoza Haydarkulovna. During the event, ASAbduhamidova and GXMirzabekova, Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs, visited Gender Equality Policy in Uzbekistan and "On Protection of Women from Oppression and Violence" dated 0…
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The next meeting of Gulistan State University was held on February 26, 2022. The first issue on the agenda of the Council: a group of professors and teachers who are active in the educational, methodological, scientific and spiritual-educational spheres of the university in 2021, PhD dissertations. The young scientists who deservedly defended, as well as the winners of the state scholarship for bachelors of higher education institutions, distinguished from their peers in the educational process by their talent, creativity and creativity, were awarded. Rector of the University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor MT Khodjiev personally congratulated the winners and laureates and congratulated them on their achievements. He wished them great success in their future endeavors.
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