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A charity event was held in the House of Mercy
On December 15, 2021, the Faculty of Information Technologies held a cultural and educational event at the women's boarding house for persons with disabilities “Muruvvat” Syrdarya district of Syrdarya region. The dean of the faculty Azizbek Kalandarov opened the event with a welcoming speech. Nasiba Saribaeva, the attending physician of the boarding house, and Saodatlar Nakhlieva, the head of culture, also shared their congratulations. Students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Philology continued the event with their poems dedicated to the anthem of the Motherland and Mother. And the students of the Faculty of Arts, performing their favorite songs live, lifted the mood of the participants. At the end of the event, the participants were presented with memorable gift…
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Sports competitions were held among students in honor of Constitution Day
On December 1-4, 2021, competitions in volleyball, mini-football and table tennis will be held among university students in honor of the Constitution Day on December 8. tdi. The competition was attended by teams from the faculties of the university. The following teams took part in the competition:1. Faculty of Pedagogy2. Faculty of Social Economics3. Faculty of Production4. Faculty of Information Technology5. Faculty of Art History6. Faculty of Physical Culture At the end of the competition, the teams took the following places: Volleyball (boys)1st place: Faculty of Physical Culture2nd place: Faculty of Socio-Economics3rd place: Faculty of Pedagogy Volleyball (girls)1st place: Faculty of Physical Culture2nd place: Faculty of Pedagogy3rd place: Socio-economic faculty Mini-football (bo…
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The Constitution is the guarantee of the future
On December 7, 2021, the Faculty of Information Technology of Gulistan State University in cooperation with the judiciary held an event on "The Constitution - a guarantee of the future." The event was opened by the dean of the faculty AA Kalandarov. Hilola Sulaymonbekova, a senior adviser at the Syrdarya Regional Department of Justice, gave the students interesting information about the history of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its essence. In his report, M. Batyrov, a senior lecturer at the Department of National Ideology, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Legal Education, spoke about the specifics of our constitution. Students in groups 7-20 ended the event with a scene that highlighted the rule of law and patriotism.
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Our main encyclopedia was honored
On December 4, the Faculty of Socio-Economics held a spiritual and educational event dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.    The event was opened by the Vice-Rector of the University A.Sulaymonov, who congratulated all teachers and students. Speaking for congratulations and lectures, Professor R. Mahmudov spoke about the essence of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its role in society.       Dean of the Faculty Z. Zikriyayev congratulated on the holiday and presented Certificates of Honor to a group of teachers and students who are actively involved in the social life of the faculty.      The event was held in high spirits and ended with a concert organized by artists …
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A legal literacy event was held
   On November 30, 2021, an advocacy event was organized at the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University in cooperation with human rights organizations.    The event was hosted by Fakhriddin Niyazov, Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs of Gulistan State University. Amaliddin Suleymanov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Kamoliddin Namozov, Judge of the Syrdarya Regional Court, Alisher Turdibayev, Prosecutor of the Syrdarya Regional Prosecutor's Office, Hilola Sulaymonbekova, Leading Specialist of the Syrdarya Regional Department of Justice, spoke at the event. , "All laws begin with the Constitution." At the end of the meeting, participants received answers to their questions from experts in the field.
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In Gulistan, the judges held a mobile meeting with entrepreneurs
A round table on "Judicial reform, especially the latest developments in the field of investment disputes" with entrepreneurs operating in the city in the building of the joint venture "Jiashili-Gulistan Chemical Industry" in the form of LLC, located at 61 Sadaf Street, Ulug Yol MFY, Gulistan. interview was conducted. Source:
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Flourish my mother tongue
A spiritual event dedicated to the Day of the Uzbek Language was held on October 20 at the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University. The event was attended by linguists, professors and students. Rector of Gulistan State University, Professor M. Khojiev congratulated all the participants on the "Holiday of Language" and spoke about the history of the recognition of the Uzbek language as the state language and respect for our language, its state status, raising the status of society. To educate in the spirit of respect will always be our vital spiritual duty, promote the inclusion of the Uzbek language in the list of developed languages ​​on the basis of national and universal ideas, raise the international prestige of the Uzbek language. shared their views on the need for …
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Talaba - yoshlardan chorlov...
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