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The "propaganda train" started operating in Syrdarya
⚡️On the initiative of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Election - 2021: Vote for your future!" The "Propaganda Train" project was launched under the motto On October 13, the "Promotion Train" arrived in Syrdarya region. ✔️ “Election 2021: Vote for Your Future!” As part of the "Propaganda Train" project, students are being informed about the election news, changes in it, the adopted election code. 🔹A group of talented students led by a group of professors and teachers from Tashkent will organize a seminar and spiritual and educational events for students from Syrdarya to improve their knowledge of elections. The event is scheduled for October 13-15.
2184 | 2021-10-13 16:48 | Batafsil
Rector and youth meetings are being held
It has become a tradition for the university rector to hold open meetings with students every academic year. Meetings of the same format were held in the 2021-2022 academic year. On September 24, the meeting "Rector and Youth" with students admitted to the 1st stage began. At the event, the rector of the university, Professor M.Khodjiev congratulated the students on their admission to the higher education institution and spoke in detail about the duties and responsibilities of students, the aspects that need to be addressed in order to become mature professionals for the country's development. xtab passed. Rector and youth meetings are underway.
2253 | 2021-09-25 09:30 | Batafsil
Corruption is an obstacle to the development of society
An expanded meeting of the Syrdarya Regional Council of the National Anti-Corruption Committee was held at Gulistan State University. It was attended by the rector of the university M. Khodzhiev, the first deputy prosecutor of the Siradrinsky region O. Kuchkarov, the first deputy of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Syrdarya region F.Giyasov, representatives of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes under the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan Representatives of the Syrdarya region at the department, heads of regional organizations, deans of faculties and heads of departments of the university. At the meeting, the detected cases of corruption were monitored and instructions were given to prevent such abuses in the future. The meeting participants heard p…
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Press club was held at Gulistan state university
On July 17, 2021, the Gulistan State University hosted a Press Club on the theme "Admission 2021". The press club briefing was attended by a number of media representatives, journalists, including: Akhmadali Shodiev - correspondent of the newspaper "Narodnoye Slovo" in the Syradrya region, Shukhrat Suyarov - correspondent of the National Information Agency "Uzbekistan" in the Syrdarya region, Dilorom Ismadiyorova - Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Union writers of Uzbekistan in the Syrdarya region, Muhammad Ali Ahmad is the deputy editor-in-chief of the Yangi Sirdaryo and Novaya Syrdarya newspapers, Furkat Toshmatov is the editor-in-chief of the Gulistan news and Guliston Yangiliklari newspapers, Khurshid Eshmatov is the correspondent of the Syrdarya NTRK. At the briefing, the rector…
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Deputy Minister got acquainted with the laboratory of experimental biology
As previously reported, Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Science and Innovation Khakimov Rakhimjon Rasuljonovich visited Gulistan State University. During the visit, the Deputy Minister got acquainted with the activities of the Laboratory of Experimental Biology of the University, created within the framework of a project with the participation of the World Bank, and talked with the researchers of the laboratory. During the meeting, the laboratory researchers presented the content of their research work, asked for practical help in overcoming bureaucratic barriers in the process of accrediting innovative developments, delivering unique radioactive substances and new laboratory devices. In turn, R. Khakimov noted that each appe…
4020 | 2021-07-09 16:09 | Batafsil
Deputy Minister met with youth
As we reported earlier, Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Science and Innovation Khakimov Rakhimjon Rasuljonovich visited Gulistan State University. During the visit, the Deputy Minister met with a group of active youth, consisting of bachelors, masters and doctoral students engaged in scientific and innovative research. The meeting was held in the format of direct questions and answers. At first, Rakhimzhon Rasuljonovich expressed his opinion on the requirements for modern scientific research, the problems of publishing the conclusions of scientific and innovative research, including on such topical issues as the division of “predatory” publications in international scientific databases (Scopus, Web of science), int…
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An award ceremony was held for a student of the Gulistan State University who won a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
At the International Regatta competitions held in Varese, Italy, in the academic sport of rowing, athletes of the Syrdarya region, a 3rd-year student of Gulistan State University Kuchkarov Otabek and Buriboeva Feruzi won a silver medal with a time of 8.45.39 in the direction of double rowing (MIC). Athletes from more than 30 countries also competed for a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics in this prestigious sports competition. We received an official letter about the fact that the International Olmipian Committee that the student athlete Kuchkarov Otabek won a ticket to the Olympics. In this regard, the award ceremony of the student athlete was held. The rector of the University, Professor M. Khodzhiev, wished the athlete success in participating in the Olympics.
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Urinbayev Kamoliddin Turdimuratovich was awarded the title of
By the Decree of the Council of Gulistan State University No. 10 dated 05/31/2021, the rector of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan Urinbayev Kamoliddin Turdimuratovich was awarded the title of "Honorary Professor" of Gulistan State University for promising joint activities. The rector of Gulistan State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, was present at the award ceremony. Professor M. Khodzhiev, deputy khokim of the Syrdarya region for youth policy, social development and spiritual and educational work O. Nosirov and representatives of the Faculty of Art. At the end of the ceremony, K. Turdimuratov expressed gratitude and commented on further prospects for joint activities.
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