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Dean of the faculty: Kamilov Jamoliddin Karimjonovich

Reception hours: working days, 14-00, 16-00

Phone: +99 (867) 350-33-03, +99 (897) 277-40-90

E-mail: jamoliddin1970@mail.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs: Egamov Umidzhan Shavkatovich

Reception hours: working days, 14-00,16-00

Phone: +99 (867) 350-33-03, +99 (897) 275-11-26

E-mail: egamoffu@yandex.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs: Fakhriddinov Yakubzhan Abubakir ugli

Reception hours: working days, 14-00,16-00

Phone: +99 (867) 350-33-03, +99 (897) 340-88-66

E-mail: yonub@mail.ru

Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs: Abduganiev Otabek Abdukhamidovich

Reception hours: working days, 14-00,16-00

Phone: +99 (867) 350-33-03, +99 (899) 4725007

E-mail: otabek_abdug`aniyev@umail.uz


Departments of the faculty:

Primary Education Methodology

Preschool education

Technological education

Pedagogy and psychology


Currently, the Faculty of Education is preparing pedagogical stuff in the following directions:


5111700 - Primary education in sports and educational work

5111800 - Preschool education

5112100 - Technological education

5110900 - Pedagogy and Psychology

5210203 - Psychology (Applied Psychology)

5210200 - Psychology (based on a joint program with Kazan Federal University in Russia)


Three master's degrees:


5A111701 - Theory and methodology of training and education (primary education)

5A111801 - Theory and methodology of training and education (preschool education)

5A 110902 - Pedagogy and Psychology


The Faculty of Education was created in 1977 under the name "Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education". Today, thousands of teachers of the Faculty of Education have been trained and are engaged in teaching activities in educational institutions of the country and regions. For many years, the faculty was headed by Ch. Niyatov, G. Samadov, H. Abdukarimov, R. Ergashov, J. Kamilov, H. Yadgarov, M. Mamatkulov.

Since November 2018, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Zh.K. Kamilov became the dean of the Faculty of Education. Under his leadership, the faculty is working to improve the quality of education, increase the effectiveness of educational and ethical up-bringing among students. Best practices for the implementation of pedagogical and information and communication technologies in the educational process, the use of innovative pedagogical technologies are widespread.

Many gifted students are laureates of state scholarships, laureates of the Zulfia Prize, laureates of art competitions, and laureates of national competitions. In particular, in the 2019-2020 academic year, Nilufar Muraddinova, the 4th year student of “Primary education in sports and educational work,” was awarded a state scholarship named after Islam Karimov. She is currently conducting research under the leadership of B. Rakhimov. A. Turdiev, 3rd year student of “Primary education in sports and educational work”, winner of the Asian rowing games at the 18th Asian Games in 2018 in Indonesia, Asian Junior Championships 2019, which took place in Korea. He became the winner of a gold and silver medal. Sh. Tursunmurotova and V. Berdikulova, 1st year students of the “Primary education in sports and educational work” direction, won gold medals at the 2019 World Drafts Championship in Bulgaria.

The teaching stuff of the faculty reads lectures on different scientific subjects, leads master’s theses and students’ qualification works, works with talented students, publish their scientific articles in different proceedings and journals of our country and foreign countries.


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