Faculty of Pedagogy


Faculty of Pedagogy

 Dean of faculty: Komilov Jamoliddin

 Reception days: Monday and Saturday:




Associate Dean for Academic Affairs : Almanov Qaxramon Obloqulovich

Reception days: every day from 15:00 till 17: 00 (except Monday and Saturday)




Associate dean for spiritual and educational work: Babadjanov Ahmadjan Khudayberdievich

The time of reception: every day from 15:00 till 17: 00 (except Monday and Saturday)

Telephone: +99893-321-98-46


Departments of the faculty:

Methods of primary and pre-school education

Music and Labor Education

Pedagogy and Psychology

 Existing faculty specialized departments:

• Methods of primary education

• Physical Education and Sport

• Visual Arts and Engineering Graphics

• Pedagogy and Psychology

Faculty trains bachelors in the following educational areas:
• 5111700-primary education, sports and educational activities

• 5111800-pre-education school

•5112000-Physical Education

•5110800 - Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics

•5111100- Music education

• 5110900-BA Psychology Pedagogy

• 5112100- Music and labour work


The pedagogical faculty was founded in 1977 as the pedagogical and elementary education methodology. So far, thousands of faculty members have been trained in the Faculty of Pedagogy and are engaged in pedagogical activities in educational institutions of the republic and the region.

Nowadays pedagogical faculty trains 5 pedagogical cadres in the direction of bachelor's degree:

• pedagogy and psychology;

• elementary education and sports education;

• preschool education;

• music education;

• Labor education;

There are three departments in the faculty:

• Pedagogy and Psychology;

• Methods of primary and preschool education;

• Music education;


 Since September, 2017, the dean of pedagogical faculty is headed by docent H.Yodgorov. Under his leadership, the faculty is working on improving the quality of education, increasing the effectiveness of spiritual and moral education among students. The educational process is widely used in the introduction of pedagogical and information-communication technologies, best practices in using innovative teaching technologies. Many talented students have been awarded state scholarships, Zulfiya prize winners, winners of artistic contests, and winners of international and republican competitions. Particularly, a third year student of IT and STI, Kayumova Shohsanam, became the State Scholar of the name of Islam Karimov in the 2017-2018 academic year. He is currently researching under the supervision of linguist H.Yodgorov.

 At the department of "Methods of primary and pre-school education" the educational-methodical supply has been brought to the required level, the educational and information and educational technologies, multimedia rooms are created. 4 textbooks, 4 manuals and several monographs were published by professors.

Professors and teachers of this department are working on the main research topic "Preparing a future teacher for professional and pedagogical activity" (H.Yodgorov, J. Abdullaev, A.Bolibekov, R.Ergashev, H.Umarov, S.Sharapova, I Sairmuratova, Yuldashev Sh. And others).

 The professors and teachers of the department are actively involved in scientific and creative activity, attracting talented students to scientific and creative endeavors of the Council of Young Scientists.

There are 2 lecture halls, 2 multimedia training rooms, 12 auditoriums and 1 computer class for primary education and STI students.

 There are 4 candidates of sciences, 9 teachers and 25% of scientific and pedagogical potential.

 In the 2006-2007 academic year the Department opened "Musical education" and began its activity. Currently, 84 students are enrolled in this course. Professors N.Rahimov, O.Abdullaeva, B.Abdurasulov, N.Ibragimova, N. The Pardaevs teach students the secrets of musical art on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies.

 Professors and teachers of the department are working on a theme "Preparation of future music teachers for professional and pedagogical activity". The scientific and pedagogical potential of the department is 20%.

 The department has been united into the department of labor education, the department has 2 candidates of sciences, assistant professor, and scientific-pedagogical potential is 30%.

  There are 2 lecture halls, 14 study rooms and 1 computer class for students of these educational directions.

 The department "Pedagogy and Psychology" was founded in 1966. Over the past 40 years, the members of the department have been devoted to research and research in various fields of pedagogy and psychology. During this period members of the department published dozens of monographs, hundreds of scientific-methodical articles.

 The main research subject of the professor-teachers of the department: "The development of spiritual and professional competence in the continuous education system". At the department 23% of teachers with academic degrees and titles. Over the years, about 15 candidate dissertations have been defended. Scientific works of many researchers have been recognized by the republican scientific community.

The head of the chair was co-authored by the senior lecturer M. Kholnazarova in the publishing house "Science and Technology". "Developmental Psychology.A textbook on "Pedagogical Psychology". Candidate of pedagogical sciences Q.Turgunov, docents A.Ahmedov, H.Abdukarimov, B. Rakhimov, Sh. Usmanova, M. Kholnazarova, senior teachers O.Suvonov, A.Fadeyev were awarded with "Badges of public education" and many awards. Among our veterans G.Davirova was awarded the Dustlik order, O.Suvonov was awarded with the medal "Shukhrat".



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