Department of foreign languages between faculties

Department of foreign languages between faculties

The head of the department: Pozilov Abdushohid Abduvoeitovich

Department "Foreign languages between faculties"

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Scientific Subject: "Formation of Linguistic Competence in Students Using Virtual Learning Technologies" (in English)

History of the department

Department of "Interdisciplinary Foreign Languages" was founded in 1995 as part of the Gulistan State University and serves non-foreign faculties. Nowadays, it is one of the 4 cafés of the Faculty of Philology at the café. From 1995 to 1998, the department was headed by candidate of philological sciences O. Mamajonov. He drew attention of the department to filling with talented youth. In 1999-2003 the department was merged with the department of specialization. From 2003 to 2011 the department headed by D. Botaeva. In 2011-2013 academic year, A. Gapparov was the head of the department. 2013-2015 years the department headed by E.Hamdamov. From 2015 to the present the chair is headed by A. Pozilov.

 If we look at the history of the department, the staff of human philology, docent, pedagogue, geothecologist, interpreter, has been greatly influenced by the language linguists and translators of the republic .Ya. In 1974, Egamova joined the Syrdarya State Pedagogical Institute (Gulistan State University in 1992). Senior teacher of "German language" department, from September 1975 till 1986, head of this department, till 2013 worked as the docent of the department. (1975, literary and art named after Gafur Gulom, 2006, "New Generation Generation", 2013, "Sharq" publishing houses), " Brothers Bruno Apits's novel "The Gangsters" (Gafur Gulom, 1986), Volfgang Borgert, Margaret Neumann's stories, memories of Goethe's memoirs, translated from German. He also published an edited version of the novel "Hamroz tillari" and the novel "Age of Vertea", along with his novels and their translations about the life and work of Goethe, in the "Sharq" publishing house (2013). In addition, the German writer Frits Wyattlene translated the poem "The Prince of Andijan" (original "Bobur-tiger") dedicated to the life of the poet, who was published in the "Teacher" publishing house in 2011. In 2013 the essay was republished in the Latin alphabet, and the scientist of the department left a huge literary heritage.

Nowadays, the teachers of the department are actively involved in their projects to improve the quality of teaching and focus on improving the scientific potential, along with quality teaching.

Professor Pozilov, Sh. Hidirbaev, D. Shavkieva, Sh.Abdurazzokova have been trained within the framework of Indian ITEC program and have corresponding trainer certificates.

Teachers of the department are A.Pozilov, H.Mamatova, U.Hamdamov, Sh. Hidirbaev. They work on candidate dissertations.

Professors L. Kodirova, N. Akindikovs have the appropriate qualification certificates of the State Testing Center. L.Kadirova and S.Muhiddinova

      From 2016 to 2018 young specialists of the department were fully involved in independent research activities. There are 9 scientific research papers, including A. Pozilov, H. Mamatova, Sh. Hidirbaev, I Raimdjanov, and they are working on their themes.

By the 2017-2021 academic year, the scientific potential of the department plans to reach 40%. There are created favorable conditions for independent researchers at the department. Independent researchers of the department are appointed as advisors to the professors with the qualification of the UzDJU, who are the main educational institutions of the department. At present, H. Mamatova is a scientific researcher.

"Das Kann eus auf Deutch" on the Kata pedagogy on the Kate, M / Remark's personalized style of translation. Methodical Approach Using the Foreign Language Shortcuts for Law Students.

Scientific potential of teachers of the department (2017-2021)

 The main objective of the research is to study the results of the research and methodological content of the research work conducted by professors and teachers in the department, and the following three projects are working on the department:
 In the subsequent years, the department has taken a more seriously approach to the problem of creating a new generation of educational and training materials and introducing them to the educational process.

The chair of the faculties is equipped with electronic versions of textbooks and manuals on educational-methodical complexes and subjects created by professors and teachers of the department, "English for all", "Talk now", "English for beginners "," Talk to me ", and placed the language-learning electronic animation software. There are 15 educational-methodical complexes, subjects of test questions, complexes, TMI assignments, electronic versions of textbooks and manuals, English-Uzbek terminological dictionaries. Practical lessons are conducted on the basis of ICT.

 The faculty of "Foreign Languages" is one of the faculties and the number of subjects taught is 2: English and German. They are taught as general subjects. The foreign language course covers 1-6 semesters. The Practical English course will continue with the work of the students independently on the basis of practical training and instructional work with groups under the supervision of the teacher in the classroom, which will consist of the following training forms. 6 textbooks, 3 manuals, more than 10 educational-methodical complexes and electronic versions of presentations are included in the "Education" portal of the university. Filling in the "Education" portal with modern literature is continuing according to the plan. The main scientific theme of the department: "Problems of increasing the efficiency of non-traditional methods and translation practice in educational process"

 In the direction of the main scientific problem of the department a number of research topics were approved, the results of the research were published in journals and scientific collections as scientific articles. Special attention was paid to the wide involvement of young researchers, specialists and gifted students in the work of the innovative group. During the training seminar organized by the British Embassy (May 2012), S. Muxiddinova, Sh. Abdurazzokova took part in it. The achieved results are discussed at the scientific-methodological seminar of the department and are being implemented in the scientific-methodological activity. (EAs in lessons effectively apply modern teaching methods).

Disciplines taught in the department: English and German

The teachers of the department are focused on studying the scientific and practical aspects of the problems of terminology based on the specialty of faculties. They have dictionaries and terminology dictionaries. A number of methodological works have been tested in student groups and are about to be finalized.

The department carries out the necessity of population's services and educational services. In this direction the chair has been successfully organized a three-month English course.

2. Science integration with education and production (introduction of results into production). The results of scientific researches and researches carried out in the department, in particular, were carried out on the basis of contractual work on the formation of students' skills in the teaching process and the application of innovative technologies in the educational process, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills in young teachers of AL and RCC. Associate Professor O. Mamajonov has been in constant collaboration with the head of the department of "Languages" of Gulistan 2-AL Gulistan. She has been collaborating with teaching staff to improve the quality of teaching materials, methods of interactive teaching methods. guidelines, scientific and methodological articles ("English for I-grade students in economics", "Independent Learning educational institutions of the republic of uzbekistan, education professional development professional education professional educational institutions, 2012, multimedia electronic manuals on intensive care.

On the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan 18-75 on measures to further improve the study of foreign languages, the faculty conducts a number of work. Professors and teachers of Gulistan State University are increasing their knowledge and skills in foreign languages at English and German language courses organized by the department "Foreign Languages in Faculties".

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