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Dean of the Social-economical faculty:  Mahmudov Sherali Xusanovich

Reception days: Every day: 10-00-17-00 (except Saturday)

Phone:  +99899-470-49-04iqtisod.jpg

Dean deputy PO eductional affairs Frequency: Abduraimov Dilshod Sultanov

Reception time: Every day: 10-00-17-00 (except Saturday)

Phone: +9989447486897



Dean deputy PO spiritual-educational affairs Frequency: Eldor Kurbanov

Reception time: Every day: 10-00-17-00 (except Saturday)

Phone: +998916248054


 What faculty is called chair of :

• Deportation of the department 

• The idea of the department is the following: national independence, foundation of morality and trust 

• Economics

At the faculty there are 61 people working as a proffesor and teaching staff. The professor-teaching staff teaches 426 students in areas such as History, ideas of national independence, the basis of spirituality and law and economics.

From the professor-teaching staff of 19 candidates of sciences and 1 professor. The average age of teachers is 42 years, the scientific potential of the faculty is 30%.

To date, scientific research has been established on the basis of the main scientific research work. In all faculties of the faculty a long-term plan was developed up to 2021 to increase the scientific potential, rejuvenate scientific pedagogical personnel by training candidates and doctors of science.

To date, the faculty trains students in areas such as 5230100- "Economics" (158 students), 5120300- "History" (159 students) and 5111600- "ideas of national independence, the basis of spirituality and law" (109 students).

The structure of the faculty

The modern reading room, equipped with modern educational equipment, has 3 computer rooms, serves students with access to INTERNET networks. In addition to studying, students also participate in scientific research and take prizes at traditional scientific and theoretical congresses, at various olympiads. Their studies are formed in small schools and clubs and become universally recognized. Constant monitoring of implementation of measures with talented students. Talented students will be trained in the follow-up activities held in 2015 by Khasanova Nigora, Navoi, Sultonov Zafar, 2nd place in the topic "EconomyAS". Talented students in 2016, Misirbekova Mahliyo became a recipient of the Navoi scholarship, Sultanov Zafar took 2nd place at the Olympics "Economics of the ASM".

F-1-80, for 2012-2016, received a fundamental scientific grant "Innovative development of agricultural infrastructure in the conditions of economic modernization." In this grant, the scientific adviser prof. A. Mamatov, Assoc. O. Sattarkulov, lecturer. M. Mamatov is took part. As part of the grant for a scholarship in 2016, as well as financial resources. During the reporting period, within the framework of scientific grants to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Higher and Secondary Specialties, five scientific articles, nine theses and one "Economy of rural production infrastructure" (guidance) of methodical associations were published, Council on January 9, 2016.

Currently, the Faculty prepares works for the spring testing of the new school year in 2016-2017. At the same time, great improvements were made at the faculty. Teachers and teachers prepared and published textbooks for all the disciplines are taught.

On April 17-18, 2015, the faculty will host a grandiose project "Innovative development of agricultural infrastructure in the conditions of economic modernization", May 23-24, 2015 "Actual problems of philosophical science", April 15-16, 2016 "its role in the development of interregional political, economic and cultural relations (in antiquity and in the Middle Ages) "was held at the republican scientific and theoretical conferences

 Address of the faculty: Gulistan city 4 - microdistrict. GulistanStateUniversity, building of socio-economic faculty 2-floor cabinet 228.

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