Center for Digital Educational Technologies
Gulistan State University
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Center for Digital Educational Technologies

Head of the Center for Digital Educational Technologies: Buriev Olimzhon Boboevich akt.jpg

Phone: 0 (3672) 254526

Email address:

Reception days: Tuesday, Wednesday


Information about the Center's activities


- The Center plans its activities and development prospects for the development of software and multimedia products and other products, services and activities, as well as determines the expansion of the production, social and material base of the Center;

- On a contractual basis, maintains contact with customers on the types of services and works provided, as well as with suppliers of technical resources and equipment;

- The Center can fulfill orders of legal entities and individuals on a contractual basis in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of GulSU;

- The economic activity of the Center with other organizations, enterprises, individuals and legal entities is established by contractual relations in all areas. The Center has the right to freely choose the subject of the contract, obligations and other conditions of economic relations, provided that this does not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of GulGU.


The Center provides the following activities:

* organization of information marketing;

* creation and implementation of modern forms of training, retraining and advanced training;

* application of information technologies and multimedia systems in higher education and science;

* development of distance learning and teaching, organization of didactic and methodological support, creation of electronic versions of lectures;

* providing information interaction with organizations, libraries, research institutes, enterprises and universities of foreign countries and the republic;

* offer Internet and email, search for information on specific topics, and internet links .

* organization of computer repair and modernization services;

* design, commissioning and configuration of information and computer networks and systems;

* development and implementation of software products for data collection and processing;

* organization and conduct of research and experimental work;

* organization and holding of seminars, conferences, research, exhibitions and fairs.


The main goals and objectives of the Center are:

* Coordination of intellectual and information resources of GulSU for the solution of the tasks specified in the National Program for Personnel Training of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

* Informatization of the educational process, development of information marketing services in the field of education, introduction of new information technologies and research results in the educational process;

* Support of the unified information educational space of the Republic of Uzbekistan, free exchange of knowledge, ideas, scientific and practical results on intellectual activity, which are the main factors of economic and spiritual recovery;

* organization of services for students, masters, researchers, postgraduates and doctoral students, teachers and employees on training in computer and information technologies, the use of the Internet;

* organization of professional development of teachers, researchers and teaching staff of educational institutions;

* organization of technical, informational and methodological assistance to educational institutions;

* introduction of a labor culture and communication culture in the global information and computer environment;

* creation of new courses, electronic copies of teaching materials;

* implement and develop a distance learning system based on the capabilities of the center.

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