Congratulations of the rector of Gulistan state University on the 75th anniversary of victory In world war II

Dear compatriots!

Our compatriots who are showing solidarity, solidarity and selflessness in these troubled, difficult and tested days, following the calls of our esteemed President, remain at home and work!

We are people who have seen the war, experienced its difficult testing days. Before writing the free encyclopedia” Wikipedia " 53 States participated in world war II. 127.953.371 people participated in the battles. Of these, 25,542,785 soldiers died in world war II.

Since the beginning of world war II in 1941, 6 million people lived in Uzbekistan. One and a half million people were sent to war. Of these, 500,000 of our compatriots did not survive, but died on the battlefields. About 400,000 children aged 3 to 15 who lost their parents on the battlefields were brought to Uzbekistan. Our people ate, dressed and brought up these children from different nationalities on their own. Our people are generous and Patriotic.

The distinguished President compared the fight with the coronavirus on the battlefield. We are a patient, reasonable, strong-willed, wise people who fulfill tasks and assignments in a timely manner. In the coming days, these test days will also become history.

Dear compatriots!

You all know that the Uzbek people actively participated both at the front and abroad, and made a huge contribution to this victory. The able-bodied people, who looked after their able-bodied sons at the front, carried out field work and various industrial works at the expense of the work of the elderly, women and minors.

Our people fought bravely at the front and made a worthy contribution to the victory. If today we are proud to talk about our war heroes who had a positive impact on the outcome of the war, we do not forget how hard it was for their family and loved ones to bear a heavy loss, and we should appreciate this victory.

Dear compatriots!

The Uzbek people are a fighting, courageous and Patriotic people. In our rich history, there are many heroes who gave their souls for their Country. It is worth noting that no matter how much we take the courage shown by them in the upbringing of the younger generation. The University administration also showed respect and respect to war veterans in connection with May 9-the Day of remembrance and honors, and assigned them the same good value as receiving their children from their families who gave their lives for the freedom of our independent homeland. After all, we must remember that the peace and purity of our sky are achieved at the expense of the souls of these saints.

Dear war veterans, dear compatriots! I cordially congratulate all of you on the 75th anniversary of Victory in world war II. I wish you health and happiness.

Sincerely, on behalf of the staff of Gulistan state University, rector M. T. Khodjiev.

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