Picturesque Symphony of victory in the Victory Garden.

Picturesque Symphony of victory in the Victory Garden. Our people celebrated the 75th anniversary of victory in world war II with great enthusiasm.

In order to perpetuate the memory of our ancestors who died in world war II, serfdom and a magnificent horticulturist were established in Tashkent on the initiative of the President of our country. The name also boasts-victory Garden.

This blessing is very dear to us. The soul, the blood shed has not been forgotten. They are respected, respected, respected. Therefore, each exhibit of the Victory Garden will follow you, putting the spirit of memory and honor in your heart. You will notice at every step that the more carefully the preparatory work is thought out, the more fluff is put on to make this greeting worthy and hold it at a high level.

The Victory Garden-The Memorial Garden. He invites each of us to visit, admiring the courage of our grandfathers. Expectation. A surprise that was not accidental. Because in the garden there is a natural view of the blinds and trenches of the second world war, and in the underground part were exposed war-related waste osori-letters, dishes, clothing, documents, personal belongings, photos of the military. Through a loudspeaker, a historical atmosphere was created based on wartime music and messages.

Entering the garden, you will be surprised, not knowing which landscape, looking at the exhibit, will stop. Times will change. You will be as if you were in the years 1941-1945. Tashkent railway station was built in 1945. When you enter it, you will see that in those dangerous days our people do not eat or drink themselves, but keep the food they collect as "all to the front."

Landscapes of the Second world war-installations, military equipment, historical exhibits, front, trench, concentration camp, German tanks, blinds, tankl. Tashkent railway station in 1945, trains, 101 Uzbek people suffering from a fall in Amersfoort, planes produced in Uzbekistan, shells, fighters, the sounds of combat life in those days, voices...

Tanks " go to Berlin!", " Uzbek laborers!", " For revenge!", " We will win!", " Uzbekistan to the front!"exactly as it says. All this adds up and turns into a kind of picturesque Symphony of victory. You will be irreplaceable for your audience, and then you will become a participant in it.

This explains that through the 1418-day life-mammoth battle of landscape and gardener, each of us must be a worthy child for our brave grandfathers, that we must not spare ourselves for the national uplift of our native Uzbekistan.

In Victory Park, Zulfiya Zakirova and her five sons who did not return from the front, a monument "hymn of perseverance"was restored in memory of their faithful brides. If the Victory Garden is a ring, then the monument to the "hymn of perseverance" stands out as its attraction.

Before the monument, a person stops. In it, you will see the image of a harsh hero of an Uzbek woman in a Munis, who looks at you, but at the will of cast iron. These images are not fabric images, creative inspiration, or fantasy.

At the initiative of the respected President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the monument "hymn of perseverance" symbolizes life, justice, and truth. Because Zulfiya's mother is a real person who killed five children in the war. This is evidenced by the five columns surrounding the monument, five loaves left on the columns of the mother-sons of Zulfiya. The heart of a person who sees this landscape flutters, sneezes.

Zulfiya, who lived in the village of Khanabad in the zangiot district of the Tashkent region, tied a belt left over from her native land to her waist and worked hard throughout the day. Others wept at night on the banks of the river in their Pharaoh, whom they did not see.

As the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in a festive greeting on may 9, 2020, Zulfiya she embodied the original qualities inherent in Uzbek women. True Mathon his widowed brides will not remain from the last onenice. During the war, we had such families, people, mothers. But we didn't know them. We are used to unfamiliar images of unknown soldiers. Personally, at the initiative of our President, our people saw their heroes. They saw themselves, their eyes, not their Logos.

The monument "hymn of Matonat" remains a monument in honor of all matonat women of Uzbekistan. Looking at it, you will be surprised, grateful, and full of thoughts. Looking at the monument, you can remember the kind words of our President: "every home in our country has been a victim of this terrible war since its beginning." Tears of sorrow and joy come to your eyes.

The hall of fame Museum. This Museum is located on the island of sada, under the legendary hill. Our heroic soldiers, led by General Sobir Rakhimov, stood proudly on the hill. The Museum contains a complete, vital part of the documentary evidence, a worthy contribution of the people of Uzbekistan to the Great Victory.

The Museum is in a round shape. You can enter it from 1941 and in 1945-the OSHA kezib periods. You will see military weapons, equipment, appeals of both patriots and enemies of that time.

Entering the Museum, you will see scenes of peaceful, old and Uzbek life on the eve of world war II. After a short walk, you will hear the Declaration of war and feel how it happened. Your excitement will pass.

The Museum depicts the Brest fortress, which shields the chest from the first blow of fascism. In it you will see Uzbek guys who open fire on the enemy. So you are proud that the first bullets against the fascists were fired by the Uzbek people. Your faith in the courage of our Bahadir grandfathers and the persistence of violence will increase even more. Believe me, everyone who enters this Museum turns out to be a patriot.

Victory garden will be a practical lesson in educating our youth, especially our future military, in the spirit of military patriotism. It is clear that our children who were here spoke proudly: "If I were standing behind this balloon, it is the same tank that I was sitting in, without any hesitation I would repeat the courage of my ancestors 75 years ago for my homeland."

The monument" tears". Created in the shape of an eye. Hundreds of tombstones in the cave of the giant eye. These are people of different nationalities and faiths. It also means that war does not choose religion, nationality, it means that for any bad ideas, it is necessary that all humanity fight together.

Victory Park embodies the goal of educating young people in the spirit of loyalty to the Motherland. Therefore, in the congratulatory words of our President, it was described as " a unique spiritual, architectural and historical monument."This is not surprising, because, not forgetting about the sad complications of the Second world war, he constantly calls to be on the alert. Along with this, it serves as a place for cultural events, creative meetings, spiritual and educational events, literary meetings for meaningful recreation of the population, and voluntary recreation.

It absorbs into the consciousness of the younger generation a sense of loyalty to the Motherland and the inviolability of its fate, serves to strengthen the ideological immunity against the negative influence of the ideas and views that lie on it.

At the same top is a question from kindred spirits: our fathers at the front, our mothers at the mercy of sacrificed themselves for our happy days today. They didn't spare themselves. Ears? What do we do? Themselves local if we can sacrifice themselves for the good of our family?

The 75th anniversary of the Victory encourages each of us to re-realize our childish duty to Vatan. It encourages us to contribute to the strengthening of the power and peace of our state, serving with our belts tied, serving our national uplift more effectively than yesterday, tomorrow bugungi, without sacrificing ourselves.

We are sure that this will become one of the most popular, beautiful spiritual and educational dishes of our gardener. From the courageous history of our people to the younger generations forever speak. A quiet, quiet life encourages you to appreciate your infallibility, to be alert.

May our people be blessed with such a priceless gift.

Muhammadan Kuranov,

First Deputy head of the Republican center of spirituality and enlightenment


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