2020 is the Year of development of science, education and the digital economy.
On January 24, 2020, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev sent an appeal to the Oliy Majlis. At it, the head of our state proposed to declare 2020 “the Year of development of science, education and the digital economy.". The proposal of the head of our state was actively supported.
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Rector meets with leaders
On January 23, 2020 the rector of the University, professor M.T.Xodjiev met with group leaders and active student-youth at the pedagogical faculty, held an open dialogue with them. During the meeting, M.T.Xodjiev gave information about the reforms carried out in the higher education system today, the requirements for the quality of new generation personnel, the content and quality of education at the University, the integration of Science, Education and production, the provision of educational and laboratory equipment, the work carried out to increase the activity of young people. During the conversation, he spoke about the beginning of the final control works in all subjects, the conduct of final controls openly, truthfully, fairly and transparently, the condition of avoiding various imp…
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Our goal is to improve the quality of Education.
Rector of Gulistan State University, professor M.T.Khodjiev held a meeting with teachers at the 12th Secondary School in Saykhunabad District of Sirdarya region. The meeting was held in the form of open communication and exchanged views on the quality of education in the school, improvement of pedagogical skills and qualifications of teachers, motivation of students to acquire knowledge, interaction between Gulistan State University and the school in this field.At The Meeting M.T.At the first joint meeting of legislative Deputies of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and members of the Senate, khodjiev gave information about the speech of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, his views on the field of education, the priority tasks set for teachers, as well as presented a…
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A reading event in a student dormitory
On January 17, 2020, in the framework of the "Five important initiatives" of students living in the hostel in partnership with the University Information Resource Center and the Tutor-Teacher of Student Dormitory # 2, "The Past Days" A literary and literary evening devoted to the works of Tkir Khashimov "World affairs" was held. At the event, a group of creative students, literary critics, book-lovers and young readers, competed in the history of creation, the heroes of the work and their essence, as well as performances and dances. At the end of the event, participants were awarded by the organizers of the event.The event was attended by the head of the department of youth affairs, spirituality and education Sh.Abdurasulov, the director of the IRC O.Okigitov, teachers of the Uzbek la…
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Mass events with the participation of military personnel are held in all regions of the country as part of the “Month of patriotism” program, dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the defender of the Fatherland Day. One of these meetings was organized in the form of a direct dialogue with students of the faculty of natural Sciences of the University. The event, held in the hall of the first lectures, was attended by soldiers of the military unit located in Mirzaabad district. The event was attended by captain Vohijon Vaisov, juniorsSergeant Jasurbek Shodmonov, private Nigora Kushbekova, focusing on their own experience, military activities, opportunities created by the state for military purposes, important tas…
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Meeting of Vice-rectors and youth
On January 16, 2020, Vice-rector for research and innovation A.Suleymanov and Vice-rector for youth affairs F.Niyazov held a meeting with University students conducting research.During the meeting it was noted that the current reform in higher education, requirements to the quality of graduates and the level of participation of gifted students in academic work, participation in various scientific conferences, conferences, competitions, Olympiads, contests nominal state scholarships held at the national level, it is very important to increase the activity of the youth in this area was underscored the culture of dressing of students, discipline, internal rules and ethics of the university. tables, in this area, the tasks facing young people were discussed.
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Shohista Khakimova, a teacher of the faculty of Philology at Gulistan state University, won the Republican stage of the “Stars of science” contest in the category “The most active and intelligent”.
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Issues of protection of women from violence were discussed
On January 17, a round table entitled “We are for the protection of women from violence and harassment”was held in the 105th auditorium of the main building with the participation of students of the socio-economic faculty of Gulistan state University. The event was attended by specialists of the Syrdarya regional Department of the family scientific and practical research center M. Urumbayev and S. Ibodullayev. Also took part, the teaching staff of the faculty. There was a conversation about the Law "on protection of women from libel and violence" and the order of protection.
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Holy fortress family
On January 17, 2020, at the faculty of art history, under the leadership of the chair of the women's Committee, a round table discussion was held with students of the faculty of art history on the implementation of item 18 of the program "measures to ensure compact and orderly conduct of weddings, family celebrations, ceremonies and ceremonies". During the conversation with students who are on the eve of marriage, the University psychologist K. Khamrokulova conducted social and psychological conversations. Dean of the faculty A. Bobozhonov and Chairman of the MBV N. Yakubova told about the negative consequences of the traditional "mass culture" among young people, that it is necessary to attach importance to the preparation of girls for the family, that the family is a sacred mound. …
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At the meeting held in the small hall of activists of Gulistan State University, the rector of the University M. Khodiev gave a report about the work carried out in 2019. In 2018, the university had 20 units, in 2019 it had 25 units. In 2018, when young people on Bachelor's degree were admitted to 30 undergraduate courses, in 2019 it increased to 41 undergraduate courses. 2018 was a master's degree in 4 directions, in 2019 the master's degree was accepted in 14 directions. At present, 6800 students in the daytime Department of the university, correspondence, special correspondence, 3106 students in the second specialty receive education and training. In 2018, 34 masters were trained and 174 masters were trained on the same days. In 2018, 3 teachers defended candidate's dissertation, while…
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