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At the expanded meeting of the Security Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, chaired by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 12, 2021, on preventing the spread of extremist ideas among young people in educational institutions, it was noted that it is advisable to carry out activities aimed at attracting people to the profession. A meeting was held at Gulistan State University under the slogan "Education against ignorance" on the topic "Without knowledge there is no salvation". The event was opened and moderated by the adviser to the rector of the University, Professor Ravshanbek Makhmudov. Nurillakhon Mukaramkhanov, an expert on religious and social processes of the Committee on Religious Affairs of Uzbekistan, made an interesting speech at the even…
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Meeting with the Senator
Students of the direction “Fundamentals of national idea, spirituality and law " of Gulistan State University met with a member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, a former teacher of the department Farkhodjon Bokiev. The meeting was opened by the head of the Department "Fundamentals of the National Idea, Spirituality and Legal Education" Shavkat Kenzhayev. Professor Ravshanbek Makhmudov presented the senator with a new textbook.           Farkhodjon Bakiyev, a member of the Senate, made an interesting and informative report on the new Laws adopted and the processes of their preparation. The students received answers to numerous questions that interested them. The seminar held by the member of the Senate Farkhodjon Bokiev for …
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Five initiatives have been implemented: sports competitions are being held
The Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Faculty of Information Technologies of Gulistan State University organized mini-football competitions within the framework of the"Five Initiatives". In the fight for the 3rd place, the team of 9-18 groups won. The final was full of uncompromising struggle. In the main period of the decisive match, in which the teams of groups 11-18 and 10-18 participated, the winner was not determined. According to the competition rules, the winning team was determined by a penalty shootout. As a result, the championship was won by the team of groups 11-18. The team of 10-18 groups took the 2nd place. All the winners and prize-winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.   B. B. Ergashev Head of the Sports Sector…
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Let there be Navruz every day
On March 17, 2021, at the initiative of the Socio-Economic Faculty of Gulistan State University, a Youth Festival was held under the slogan "Let there be Navruz every day." The event was opened by the rector of the university M. Khodjiev, who congratulated everyone on the Navruz holiday. This was followed by national sports competitions in accordance with the Five Critical Initiatives. For example, schoolchildren-wrestlers competed in lifting stones, tug-of-war, Uzbek national wrestling, and talented students demonstrated their artistic abilities. At the end of the event, the winners and prize-winners were awarded valuable prizes.
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The intellectual game "Zakovat" was held
At the initiative of the Women's Council of Gulistan State University in the Spirituality Center of the university was held an intellectual game "Zakovat" with the participation of students. The intellectual game "Zakovat" was organized in order to form the desire for knowledge among talented, knowledge-hungry, selfless students, to stimulate the intellectual thinking of young people and aroused equal interest among all students. The event was attended by teams of eight faculties, the Faculty of Philology took 1st place, the Faculty of Natural Sciences took 2nd place, and the teams of the Faculty of Socio-Economics took 3rd place. The winning teams and active participants were awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Rector of the University and valuable gifts and books presented by t…
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On March 13, 2021, students and teachers of "BT and STI", "Preschool Education", "Pedagogy and Psychology" and "Technological Education" of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Gulistan State University carried out landscaping and landscaping work in the region as part of a nationwide charity hashar . During the hashar, waste was removed from the area, curbs and trees were whitewashed, 500 flowers were transplanted, and 150 roses were planted.
5227 | 2021-03-13 12:48 | Batafsil
Master classes continue
On the initiative of Gulistan State University, master classes and training classes have been set up in order to provide methodical assistance in secondary schools in the districts of our region, improve the lessons in terms of content and quality. These lessons are conducted by a group of experienced professors and teachers of the University. On March 11, the next master classes were organized by the Department of Applied Mathematics and information technologies in cooperation with Boyovut District 28 school on the theme "Increasing the culture of using digital technologies in students: problems and solutions".   In the process of master classes, emphasis was placed on suggestions and recommendations on the organization of effective use of computer technologies by schoolchildren, f…
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Rector's Cup: the final stage of mini-football among pupils of Academic lyceum
On March 11, 2021, in the framework of five important initiatives of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the final stage of the competition "Rector's Cup" on the mini-football type of sports was held among the students of academic lyceums at Gulistan State University.   A total of 12 teams held their matches in the turnover system in the qualifying games, which started on 23 February. 208 and 209 group students reached the Final stage. In the heated last bet, 208 group Students won with a score of 9-6. The winners were awarded by the rector of Gulistan State University M.T.Khodjiev congratulated. The winners were awarded with Rector's Cup, medals and memorable gifts.
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Independence. Young people. Spirituality.
In the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University, a spiritual and educational meeting was organized for those living in a student hostel and in a rented apartment on the topic “Independence. Young people. Spirituality". The meeting was opened with an introductory speech by Professor At the meeting, reports were heard from the head of the Department of Emergency Situations, Captain Davron Ibragimov, Senior Inspector of the Department of Emergency Situations Rasim Tatarov, Chief imam-khatib of the Tawhid mosque of the Dustlik Mahalla of Gulistan Muminjon Usmanov. At the meeting, the students were reminded of the technique and strict compliance with the rules of fire safety, food safety. Many questions on the expansion of their philosophical, moral and religious worldview were rec…
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The next presentation of the book was held at the National Library of Uzbekistan
The presentation of the book "Tanazzul" (pentalology), published by the "Uchitel" publishing house, took place in the Great Hall of the National Library of Uzbekistan. The presentation was made by the chief adviser of the Committee on Youth Affairs, Culture and Sports of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan A. Turdiev, Doctor of Philology, Professor B. Karimov, Candidate of Philosophy, Professor R. Makhmudov. , Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Kh. Akhmedov, literary critic, book editor O. Abdullaev.
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