The department of Uzbek language and literature

The department of Uzbek language and literature

Head of the department: Fayzullayeva Obida Olbekovna



Reception days: Wednesday, Friday

The department of "Uzbek language and literature" is the only institution in Syrdarya region, preparing specialists in the field of Uzbek language and literature, and prepares specialists in the specialty 5120100 - Philology and language teaching (Uzbek language). . The department of "Uzbek language and literature" was found in 1966, first called "Uzbek and Kazakh philology". One year later, the department was separated into the department of "Uzbek linguistics" and "Uzbek literature".

   Department of "Uzbek linguistics". The department of Uzbek linguistics was founded in 1966. The first head of the department was candidate of philological sciences, docent Ikrom Suyarov. In subsequent years the department was headed by professor Hudoyberdi Donierov, docent. Karshiboy Samadov, docent. Burriboy Hasanov, docent. Abdujabbor Doniyorov, docent. Pressure Tuychiboyev, dots. Jumanazar Abdullaev, docent. I. Pardaeva and docent. and so on. S.Normamatov's leadership. Professors and teachers of the department have been working on the main scientific themes of the department "Problems of language and literary language problems". To date, more than 200 scientific articles and theses, 5 monographs, 1 textbooks, about 20 educational and methodical manuals have been published, 6 candidate dissertations have been defended. The educational, methodical work of the department is as follows: The chair conducts lectures, practical lessons, seminars and training sessions (independent training). Preparation of textbooks, manuals, teaching materials and lecture texts, presentation (slides) on all disciplines ended with a focus on the creation of methods and tools for organizing independent learning.

Research work. The department ofworkin the field of modern Uzbek literature, lexicology, dialectology, history of language, methodology. Associate professor Tuychibaev Bosi's "Uzbek dialectology" (textbook, 2005), "Khudoyberdi Doniyorov and Uzbek linguistics" (2008), "Alpomish and folk language" (2005), "Zaamin word" (2006) ), "Zomin's Language Comedy" (2011); (2007), professor of the associate professor Pardaeva Izzatay "Mother tongue (Fonetics)" (2007), "Sotsiolingvistika" (2007), associate professor Abdulaev Jumanazar "Mother tongue" (2009), "Mother tongue (2009) "Mother tongue (Morphology) (2008), doc. Ziyodova Tursunoy's "Text Generation Technique" (2007), "Methods of Teaching Uzbek Language" (2008), "Organization of Mother-to-Doer Study on Innovative Technologies" (2009), "Didactic Slides Collection from Uzbek Language" (2010), "Mother tongue: videorepetitor" (2010), senior teacher Rajabov Majid "Modern Uzbek Literary Language (morpheme, vocabulary, morphology)" (2007, 2008, 2010), senior lecturers Murodqulov Omonilla and Dehkanova Lutfinisoning "Oriental", Senior Lecturer Kholbekova Mehrini "Linguistic analysis of literary text" (2010), Sh.Hudoykulova's "Uzbek dialectology" (2010) is an important scientifically-methodical resource that has been added to the subject of linguistics. At the department there is a tradition of announcing competitions on the theme "The Best Complex, Guide, Booklet, Brochure". In 2011 the teacher of the department Normamatov Sultan successfully defended his thesis on "The spiritual-methodological features of the lexicon of Abdulla Avloniy's works".

Educational-methodical work of the department. At the department are taught basic disciplines such as the history of Uzbek language, modern Uzbek literary language, languishing and comparative grammar of Turkic languages. There are 48 teaching-methodical complexes of the faculty, 4 of which are created by the recommendation of the Republican Coordination Council. In this academic year, 11 teaching and learning complexes have been prepared. At the department of "Uzbek dialectology" the dots. B. Tuychiboyev, docent. Hasanov's textbook has been created.

The chair of "Uzbek literature" was headed by Ikrom Suyarov, the candidate of philological sciences since 1968.

In 1969, the department was headed by Abubakr Rajabiy, candidate of philological sciences.

In 1973, the literary scholar, Anqaboy Kuljonov, was appointed as the head of this department and he worked in this post until 1985.

In 1985, when Professor A.Kattabekov was appointed as a head of the department, his leadership and involvement were first developed in the schools on the issues of teaching Uzbek literature, and then the programs were created. Then, based on these concepts and programs, textbooks "Literature" for two (8-9) grades of secondary schools were created.

Since 1990 the department has been headed by docent U.Olejaboyev. During his career he maintained the scientific potential of the department, preserving the traditions of the past.

In September 2010, the chair was renamed as "Literary criticism" in connection with the transfer of the Kazakh literature.

In 2011 the department was headed by docent Q. Kozbaev.

In September, educational-methodical complexes of all subjects of the department were prepared and replicated in 10 copies and transferred to the university library.

In 2011-2012 academic year, two candidate works (O.Fayzullaeva and M.Sariboeva) were successfully defended. Associate Professor U.Oljaboev published one monograph and 1 memorandum in 2012, docent H.Mirhaydarov published the book "The Stars Who Have Done".

In the 2016-2017 academic year teachers of the department published 2 monographs, 2 memorabilia books, 1 book collection. Also 14 articles have been published in the republican magazines and collections.

By the 2016 academic year these two departments were united into the chair of "Uzbek language and literature". The first head of the department was K. Kubayev, then F.Sharipov.


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