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Gulistan State University Trade Union activities

Gulistan State University

Head of the department: Yususfaliyev Abdurahmon Tilovovich

Contact information:

Phone.: (8367) 225-39-57

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Acceptance time: 14:00 – 16:00

Gulistan State University Trade Union activities

Gulistan State University Trade Union  works on the basis The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees", the Laws "On Public Associations", "On Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organizations" , The Charter of the Central Council of the Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture, and other legal acts and the rector’s contract of the Gulistan State University according to a public charter and university charter, structural subdivision. 

Main activities of the department:

  •  Participation in the development of legal and other normative acts on the protection of the rights of members of the Trade Union Committee;
  •  Carrying out community control over labor law;
  •  Collective bargaining agreements and elimination of labor disputes;
  •  Conducting cultural and educational activities with members of the Trade Union;
  •  Carrying out work on restoration of health of members of the Association and their children, physical training and sports;
  • Cooperation with social and non-governmental organizations, trade unions of foreign countries and establishment of international contacts.

The structure of the trade union.

At present, 684 trade unions are members of the trade union committee and trade union committee. The trade union committee consists of 6 faculties, one of the primary departments of the economy and the primary trade union. The Committee has seven commissions.

These commissions are designed to help professors, teachers, socio-economic workers to improve their conditions, strengthen their work discipline, resolve disputes over labor relations, ensure job security and safety, as well as professors, teachers and employees, health promotion, voluntary recreational activities, youth support and raising the status of women in our society.

Main component of the Trade Union Committee:

1. The Conference is the supreme body of the Trade Union Committee and it is held once every five years.

2. The Trade Union Committee shall be the governing body of the Conferences and shall be elected for a term of five years.

3. Leadership of the conference elected the Presidium of the Trade Union Committee. The presidency meetings are held at least once every three months.

4. The chairperson, vice-chairmen, members of the committee and members of the auditing committee of the Trade Union Committee shall be elected at the conference.

5. The Presidium, Plenum of Trade Union Committee members shall take part in the implementation of the Conference.

6. The expenses of the trade union committee consist of the monthly contributions of the members.

Membership fees are set at least 1% of the monthly wage. 

Functions of the Gulistan State University Trade Union Committee:

The university staff protects their constitutional rights to work independently of their nationality, gender, age, and religion, free choice of employment and occupation, working in a fair and unemployed manner. It promotes the introduction and observance of the social justice system of payment and labor discipline. She actively participates in improving the spiritual-enlightenment level of the faculty and staff, the meaningful organization of their leisure time and recreation. Supervises the compliance with the requirements of labor legislation, labor protection and environmental protection requirements, and exercises their legal protection. It also helps health workers and their family members to regularly improve their fitness. It initiates the elimination of labor disputes that arise in the community. 

Social protection of the Gulistan State University Trade Union Committee in 2017: 

Labor and recreation rights of members of the trade union are the basis for the establishment of their social protection, promoting the health of workers, promoting volunteerism, and the foundation of trade unions. Of course, all of these activities are governed by the articles of the collective bargaining agreement: The main task of a trade union is to solve labor disputes. In 2017, the following professors and employees' social protection works are implemented:

By the recommendation of the Trade Union, by the recommendation of the Labor Union, the volume of work, the socioeconomic status of employees, the amount of remuneration, incentives and material aid from the budget 399218000 from the budgetary funds 821462500 36685000 1257365500 UZS was spent. During the last academic year, 25 faculty members were trained in the following areas: Chimyon, Chortoq, Havotog, Umid Gulshani, Zomin, White Stone, Turon, Botanika "Sent to holiday sanatoriums. 56 children, including children, were sent to Zomin and Sirdaryo summer camps. At the University, the appeal of low-income and help-able workers is reviewed and received monthly financial assistance. At the expense of 2017 financial support was provided for the sum of 14000000 UZS and 1500000 UZS. Each holiday event was rewarded with books and valuable prizes for active and public employees on the recommendation of the management. A festive event was held with the Women 's Committee on the occasion of January 14, the Day of Motherland Defenders. On the occasion of the 8th of March, 26 women were rushed to Samarkand on the high - speed train and plane. The winners of the Navruz holiday were awarded. On the occasion of the 9th of May and the Day of Honor, 22 professors and teachers, who are over 70 years of age, have been invited to the celebration, and valuable holiday gifts have been distributed. On the 1st of October, Teachers' Day and Teacher's Day, 66 professors and staff were sent to Samarkand through the trade union funds. This event is still going on. New Year's Eve holiday is planned to distribute holiday gifts to 286 preschool children and teachers. Tickets for 60 employees were given to concerts organized by cultural and educational events. In cooperation with the Women 's Committee, several events were organized and gifts were given by the trade union. Fudball, mini-football, volleyball, drafts - chess tournaments were held at the faculties of sports. Winners were awarded. 200 athletes and 120 professors and teachers participated in the mass sports event and marathon. The winners were awarded with valuable prizes.

Organized work has been done to ensure the participation of the poorest orphaned and orphaned 23 federal union federation of trade unions as the winners of the competition, and these students have been awarded a scholarship of 700,000 soums each.

It was recommended that 36 professor teachers and staff members be investigated and removed from their "adolescents".

Gulistan State University

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