The visit of the head of our state to the Syr Darya region undoubtedly inspired the people of the region. Getting acquainted with the ongoing reforms, creative works, new projects in Syrdarya, Yangiyer, Khovos, Mirzabad districts, the head of our state was convinced that the potential of the region is immense. If the available options are put into operation, the Syr Darya residents will certainly be rich, but first of all, it is necessary to wake up from sleep, to eliminate the existing shortcomings, to strive for innovation with the times, to support initiatives, to invest in the region, technology, the introduction of new methods of cultivation of agricultural products, the use of local capacities to produce the necessary raw materials, mobilizing the whole force for it, and the need to overcome it.

Speaking at the conference hall of the main building of the Gulistan State University, rector of the university, doctor of technical sciences, professor Muhsin Tojievich Khadzhiev noted that the main purpose of this visit is to raise the living standards of the people of the region, $ 50 million was allocated to the region, and $ 70 million will be provided next year.

The President also outlined the socioeconomic reforms in the country, the implementation of the "Obod Village" program, the implementation of measures to ensure that every family is involved in entrepreneurship, livestock, livestock, hemp, poultry, fisheries, rabbit, gardening, , expressed their views on a number of issues related to the education of young people, their involvement in sports facilities, and gave appropriate instructions to the relevant managers.

What are the challenges facing the university in this regard? The rector of the University expressed his views and deeds to the deans, faculties of departments, and also to the need for all employees to increase their responsibilities. Organization of regional competitions "Reader family", as well as the "Most readily available reader" among university faculties, agreements with several state universities, opening of new directions on the basis of memorandums, increasing the number of quotas for Sardoba and Hawas districts during the 2019-2020 academic year, increasing the number of educational institutions through the reconstruction of the main building of the university, "Manaviyat and the Center for Enlightenment ", the extensive use of laboratories, the completion of the sports complex construction project, and the involvement of youth in sports, the development of gardening, including the preparation of land for planting, plantation, - The mobilization of students, students, especially in private and gave relevant instructions to the relevant authorities.





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