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Mobile reception was held
Today, on September 22, 2023, the rector of Gulistan State University, deputy of the Council of People's Deputies of Sirdarya Region M. Khodjiyev held a reception with citizens at the Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences located in Yangiyer. About 20 social and economic issues were resolved during this visit.
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Classes were organized as part of the "Legal Literacy Month".
On September 21, 2023, in order to ensure the implementation of the letter of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation No. 02/02-02/2-98 dated September 18, 2023, "Legal Literacy Month" will be held at the institutes and faculties of Gulistan State University. ” classes on the topic of "New Uzbekistan and human rights" were organized. Qualified professors and teachers gave a round lecture to students on the topic of human rights in New Uzbekistan.
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On September 20, 2023, at 1400 hours, the next meeting of the Scientific Seminar will be held at the Scientific Council numbered PhD.03/30.12.2019.V.91.01 at Gulistan State University AGENDA: Free researcher of the Department of Zoology and Physiology of Karshi State University Jabbarova Tozagul Khuzhamurodovna on the topic "Fauna and ecological groups of bivalve molluscs of artificial waters of the Kashkadarya basin" 03.00.06 - presented for receiving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in biological sciences from the specialty of Zoology discussion of the thesis. Scientific leader: Ph.D., prof. H.T. Boymurodov Reviewers: b.f.f.d. PhD, senior researcher U.A. Shakarboev b.f.f.d. Ph.D., associate professor F.E. Safarova
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The dissertation defense will be held on September 23, 2023 at 1100 in the conference hall of Gulistan State University. AGENDA: At the meeting of the Scientific Council No. PhD.03/30.12.2019.B.91.01 at the Gulistan State University, which will be held on September 23, 2023 at 1100, the researcher of Khorezm Mamun Academy Khudayberganov Norbek Atabayevich 03.00.05–Botany from the specialization "Introduction and organization of plantations of promising medicinal plants belonging to the Asteraceae family under the conditions of the Khorezm oasis" will be defended. Scientific leader: Ph.D., prof. B.Yo. Tokhtayev Dissertation institution: Khorezm Ma'mun Academy Official opponents: Adilov Behzod Abdullaevich, Doctor of Biological Sciences; Haydarov Khyslat Kudratovich, doct…
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Started at the forum of students and youth of the syrdayo region
Today, on the date of September 15, A Student-Youth Forum of the Syrdarya region was started at Gulistan State University with the participation of students of higher education institutions in the Syrdarya region. At the opening ceremony of the forum, the 1st vice-rector of the University on youth issues and spiritual and Educational Affairs F.Niyazov expressed his views on the goals and regulations of the forum and wished the forum participants good luck. Within the framework of the Forum, student-youth are competing in the direction of: chess, intelligence, debate, Mushaira, osh Championship, football, volleyball, table tennis and art. A "youth evening" is planned for the end of the Forum.
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A meeting of entrepreneurs and young people was held at Gulistan State University
"Entrepreneur and youth meeting" was held today in the Palace of Culture of Gulistan State University. Usmanova is the holder of the Order of "Friendship", the director of the production cooperative "Agro youth" in Gulistan (the head of the private preschool organization "Shirintoy va kichkintoy Sabina" in Gulistan, the chairman of the regional division of the association "Entrepreneurial Woman") Usmanova Barchinoy Mamatkulovna and students of the 1st stage of the university took part. At the beginning of the event, the rector of the university M. Khodzhiyev congratulated the entrepreneur B. Usmanova on being the recipient of the high award "Dostlik" by the relevant decree of the head of our state, and wished him success in his future work. During the event, B. Usmanova shared her life p…
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Admission 2023: Final RESULTS of interviews with citizens with at least five years of work experience in economic sectors
👉60310100-Economy (by industries and sectors)   👉60540200-Applied mathematics   👉601110300-Sports activities (wrestling, volleyball)   👉60220300-History (by countries and directions)  
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The new 2023-2024 academic year at GulSU began with "Independence" classes
Dedicated to the opening of the new academic year "For a new life, for a new Uzbekistan!" after the event held under the slogan, the new academic year began with "Independence" classes. In the lectures given by the university rector, vice-rectors and qualified professors, the historical essence of independence, our ancestors who fought for it, dreamed of living a prosperous life in a free and prosperous country, along with the difficulties in gaining independence During our past 32-year history, discussions, question-and-answers, and discussions were held with students on topics such as achievements, historical results, and the effect of reforms being implemented.
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